How to Choose the Best Folding Bike in Singapore for Your 2023 Commutes

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With urban spaces becoming more congested and the push for eco-friendly transport methods, folding bikes have become the go-to for many daily commuters. Not only are they compact and convenient, but they also offer a blend of mobility and exercise. Here's a guide on how to select the best foldable bike for your commuting needs.

1. Understand Your Commuting Needs in Singapore

Every commuter has distinct needs. Consider the following:

  • Distance of Commute: If you have a longer commute, you'd want a bike with more gears and larger wheels.

  • Terrain: For hilly areas, choose a bike with multiple gears.

  • Storage: Consider where you'll store the bike—at home, in the office, or on public transport.

2. Wheel Size Matters

Folding bikes come in a range of wheel sizes. Larger wheels are great for longer commutes as they offer more stability and speed. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, make the bike more compact when folded.

3. Frame and Build Material

The material of the bike affects its weight, durability, and price. Aluminium frames are light and affordable, while carbon fibre or titanium frames are lighter but more expensive.

4. Gearing System

The number of gears a bike has will determine its versatility on different terrains. If your commute is relatively flat, a single-speed might suffice. However, for more varied terrain, multiple gears can be beneficial.

5. Check the Foldability or Folding Mechanism

Not all folding mechanisms are created equal. Some bikes fold in half, while others have a triangle hinge design. Ensure the mechanism is easy for you and that the folded size suits your storage needs.

6. Additional Features of the Best Folding Bike

  • Adjustability: Ensure that the bike can be adjusted to fit your height and riding style.

  • Suspension: Some folding bikes come with a suspension system to handle bumpy rides.

  • Rack and Fenders: Useful for those who need to carry items or are riding in wet conditions.

7. Test Ride

Before making a purchase, always take the bike for a test ride. It'll give you an idea of its comfort, adjustability, and rideability on roads.

Accessorise Your Folding Bike Singapore

While choosing the perfect folding bike is essential, accessorising it can elevate your riding experience. offers a variety of accessories specifically designed to enhance your Brompton folding bike experience:

  • Adjustable Peak Design Stem Adapter for Brompton: Customise your handlebar set-up with ease.

  • Aero Triangle Pouch: Store essentials conveniently with this stylish pouch.

  • Anti-Swivel Clamp Tool: Prevent unwanted movement and enhance stability.

  • Bar Clamp for Quadlock or Peak Design: Attach gadgets securely for a better commute experience.

  • Brompton-Inspired Desk Ornament: Showcase your love for Brompton even when you're not riding.

  • Brompton Stem Adapters: From holding your phone with the Peak Design Phone Mount to setting up your GoPro, these stem adapters ensure your gadgets are within reach.

  • Bridge Extenders for Brompton Bicycles: Enhance handlebar space, making rides more comfortable.

  • Mous Intralock Adapters: For those who use the Mous Intralock system, these adapters ensure compatibility with your Brompton.

  • Adapters from Peak Design to Quadlock: Easily switch between different mounting systems.

  • Quadlock Inserts for Various Mounts: Ensure your devices are secure during your commute.

Understanding the Resurgence of Electric Folding Bikes in Modern Commuting

Folding bikes are not a new concept; they have been around for decades. However, in recent years, we've seen a significant resurgence in their popularity, especially in urban settings. The reasons for this are manifold, and understanding them provides further insight into why you might consider joining the folding bike community.

Eco-friendly Consciousness

The world is becoming increasingly eco-conscious. With global warming and environmental degradation being pressing issues, many urban dwellers are looking for sustainable commuting methods. Folding bikes, being non-polluting, present an excellent option for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Space-Efficiency in Urban Living

As cities grow, space becomes a premium. Apartments are getting smaller, and parking spaces are harder to come by. In such scenarios, a full-sized bike might not be the most feasible. Folding bikes, with their compact nature when folded, are easy to store, whether it's under a desk, in a small apartment, or on public transport.

Versatility and Multi-Modal Commuting

Not everyone lives within comfortable cycling distance of their workplace or favourite leisure spots. However, folding bikes are the perfect companion for multimodal commuting. If part of your journey involves a train or bus ride, it's much easier to carry along a folded bike, unfolding it again when you're back on cyclable terrain.

Health Benefits

With sedentary lifestyles becoming the norm, health issues related to a lack of physical activity are on the rise. Cycling to work or for errands allows for regular exercise without needing to carve out a specific time for a workout. It's a seamless integration of fitness into daily life, ensuring you stay active and healthy.


Let's face it: Owning a car or even regularly using public transport can be expensive, with costs accumulating over time. With folding bikes, after the initial investment, the maintenance costs are relatively low. Plus, there's no need for fuel, insurance, or hefty parking fees.

Customisation and Personal Expression

Another attractive aspect of folding bikes, especially brands like Brompton, is the vast range of accessories available. Platforms like offer numerous add-ons, from handlebar extenders to pouches, allowing riders to customise their bikes to their preferences. Such customisations not only enhance the functionality of the bike but also allow riders to express their personal style.

For instance, if you're a tech enthusiast, integrating gadget mounts like the Brompton Stem adapter for Quadlock or the Brompton Stem Mount for GoPro + Garmin can make your ride more tech-friendly. If storage is a concern, the Aero Triangle Pouch offers a stylish solution. Every accessory adds a layer of convenience, functionality, or aesthetic appeal, making your folding bike truly your own.

Accessories Your Folding Bike with Brompton and More at OCH Parts

Choosing the right folding bike for your commute involves understanding your needs and being aware of the different features available. Once you've found the perfect bike, accessorising it can significantly enhance your daily commute. Visit OCH Parts to find the ideal accessories that complement your folding bike and make every ride a joy. Whether you're looking for functional additions like stem adapters or aesthetic pieces like desk ornaments, OCH Parts has got you covered. Transform your commute today!
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