Using Quad Lock for Outdoor Activities in Singapore: A 2023 User's Guide

Quad Lock for Outdoor Activities in Singapore

If you love outdoor activities and you're also a tech-savvy person, then you'll know the importance of having a secure and accessible way to carry your phone. Whether you're cycling through backcountry trails, hiking on mountainous terrain, or running along the beach, Quad Lock provides an innovative solution for securely mounting your smartphone.

Quad Lock is a unique mounting system that allows you to securely attach your smartphone to your bike, car, arm, or even a wall. It consists of a protective phone case with an integrated mounting mechanism on the back that can be quickly and securely attached to a variety of different mounts.

When you're outdoors, your smartphone isn't just a communication device. It's your GPS, your music player, your fitness tracker, and your camera. Having easy access to it while keeping it secure is crucial.

With its patented dual-stage lock system, Quad Lock ensures that your phone stays attached to your mount, no matter how bumpy the trail gets. Yet, it’s also easy to remove when you need to take a call, snap a photo, or check your route.

How to Use a Quad Lock for Different Outdoor Activities: Phone Mounts, Motorcycles & More


For cyclists, Quad Lock offers a bike mount that can be attached to the stem or handlebars of your bike. Once installed, you can twist and lock your phone onto the mount in seconds. Now, you can easily track your route, speed, and distance right from your handlebars.


For runners, Quad Lock has an easy-to-use run kit. It includes an arm band that is fully adjustable for both small and large arms. Your phone can be mounted in a breeze, giving you quick access to your running apps, music, and messages.


When hiking or walking, you might prefer the belt clip option. This mount can be attached to any belt or strap, keeping your phone secure but easily accessible. You can quickly check your map or take photos without having to rummage through your backpack.


For motorcyclists, Quad Lock offers a motorcycle mount kit that can be attached to your motorcycle’s handlebar or mirror stem. This allows you easy access to GPS navigation, music control, and hands-free communication while ensuring your phone stays secure even on rough terrain.


Outdoor photography is made easier with Quad Lock. The tripod adaptor can be used to mount your phone onto any standard camera tripod, turning your smartphone into a steady camera. This is perfect for capturing stunning landscape photos, time-lapse videos, or even stargazing apps during those camping trips.

Kayaking or Paddleboarding

Water sports enthusiasts aren't left out either. The Quad Lock Poncho, a water-resistant cover, is a great add-on for activities like kayaking or paddle boarding. It slips over your Quad Lock case, protecting your phone from rain, mud, or splashes while still allowing you to use the touchscreen and buttons.

Fitness Classes

If you're into fitness classes like yoga or Pilates, you can use the wall mount to secure your phone at an easily viewable height. This way, you can follow along with workout videos or use fitness apps without having to strain your neck looking down at your phone on the floor.


When camping, the Quad Lock car mount is not just for cars. It can be attached to any flat, smooth surface. Attach it to a camping table or inside your tent, and you have a secure place to mount your phone. You can use your phone to play music, watch videos, or as a nightlight, all while keeping it safe from knocks and spills.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Quad Lock

  1. Experiment with different mounts: Quad Lock offers a range of mounts for various activities. Try them out to find what works best for you.
  2. Use the Quad Lock App: The Quad Lock App includes features like ride tracking and a weather forecast tool specially designed for cyclists.
  3. Invest in a weather-resistant cover: If you're frequently outdoors, consider getting a weather-resistant cover to protect your phone from rain, dust, and mud.

With the right Quad Lock setup, your phone becomes a versatile tool that enhances your outdoor experience rather than a delicate item you're constantly worrying about.

Enhance Your Quad Lock Experience with OCH Parts

At OCH Parts, we understand the importance of having the right accessories to complement your Quad Lock. We offer a wide selection of accessories and parts designed to enhance your Quad Lock experience.

Whether you need a new mount for a different activity, a replacement case for a different phone model, or a weather-resistant cover for added protection, you'll find it at OCH Parts. Our products are of high quality and are designed to perfectly match your Quad Lock system.

Quad Lock is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. It allows you to keep your phone secure and accessible, no matter what activity you're doing. And with accessories and parts from OCH Parts, you can customise your Quad Lock system to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. So why wait? Enhance your outdoor adventures today with Quad Lock accessories from OCH Parts!

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