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USB Power Data Splitter for Android Auto / CarPlay

USB Power Data Splitter for Android Auto / CarPlay

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A device to split your usb power & data for use with either your wireless dongle or phone.

If you use a wireless dongle in your vehicle, you might be encountering the problem where your phone stays connected to your wireless dongle because your car's USB power remains on even after you shut down your vehicle. The usual solution would be to unplug your wireless dongle but that can be a hassle. 

With this splitter, power is ONLY drawn from the 12v port, which will immidietly cut off when you turn off your vehicle, freeing your phone from the wireless dongle and preventing battery drain.

You can also plug your phone in directly to allow fast USB charging.

All connections on the splitter is USB-C . 

Only the USB splitter is included. Adapters/Cables are not included and only shown for illlustration purposes only.

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